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Rethink Fitness and Weight Loss:
Our Personal Empowering Plan

From our initial assessment to your check-ins, we are committed to helping you achieve your health goals. Our personalized empowerment plans are designed to fit your schedule, fitness level and lifestyle. If you want to gain muscle, lose weight or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle -- we are here to take that journey with you. Learn more about our trainers, the program and how you can make the leap to a healthier you.

Meet the Moving For Life Coaches

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How Our Program Works

Initial Consultation & Fitness Assessment

At your initial consultation, we will take measurements, create fitness goals and determine the best way for you to succeed. You will meet with our certified trainer to review your current fitness level and create a plan that works for you. We give all of our clients a health journal to keep track of their physical and mental progress throughout the program.

Keeping You Accountable

While part of the program, we are available for endless support and guidance. Members will receive reminders about physical activity, fitness tips and personal stories from our trainers. You’ll also be invited to join the private Moving for Life Facebook page, a supportive community of people making the switch to a healthier lifestyle.


Another way we help with accountability is through our check-ins. We will measure progress on your goals. We will work with you to find areas of improvement & ways to challenge yourself.

90 Day Plan Updates

In addition to weekly check-ins, we offer a more formal progress update every 90 days. We’ll go over long-term fitness goals, persistent challenges and sustainable strategies to keep you Moving for Life.

Create Your Personalized Fitness Plan Today

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