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down 90+ pounds and keeping it off.

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MyGym Des Moines is a private fitness studio where professional certified personal trainers provide a safe and fun environment to create lifelong healthy habits.

Get Motivated,
Get Healthy,
Get Moving!

MyGym Des Moines provides a safe and positive environment for everyone of all ages and fitness levels. We offer coaching specifically designed for your lifestyle and ability; you will have quality workout plans designed by a certified personal trainer to keep you moving toward your goals.

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Initial Consultation &
Fitness Assessment

At your initial consultation, we will take measurements, create fitness goals and determine the best way for you to succeed. You will meet with our certified trainer to review your current fitness level and create a plan that works for you.

Set Clear
Health Goals

A personal trainer that can meet you where you are at, demystify exercise and help you reach your goals.

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